Welcome to my new home!

The address has changed but the writer remains the same.  🙂 Welcome to the new home of my blogging. And, please, look around on my new website as well. I will slowly be adding to the material over the next few months. 

Getting a new site up and running is time consuming, as many of you know. I have been lucky to have a very patient web designer, Holly Knott, who set up this new design and walked me through adding images and descriptions. She managed my old site for me for the past four years and will be available to support me as I take on this new responsibility.  Without Holly, I would not have a web presence and have made many of the friends around the world that I now have. Thank you, Holly!

So, with all this web work, you might wonder what happened to actual quilting or stitching. You might say that it slowed to a snail’s pace in February and hopes to pick up steam in March.  😀

I am moving forward on my latest representational quilt but it is still not fused. Here is a peak at part of it, you can see that fabric for snow has been added.


On the hand stitching front, this web design work fortunately came when  I was between classes.  My latest project, another pouch, has been patiently waiting.

I did manage to get out one day last week to join a wonderful group of ladies for a sewing day at Ivy Thimble. It was sheer joy to do nothing but work on a sewing projects for a few hours. Among other things, I came away with two cases for my new iPad mini. 


I look forward to many more posts on this new site. Hope that you will direct your browsers to this new address and follow me along on my journey!

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  1. ipad mini? I would love an ipad….the top piece of work is fabulous Judy, I love the monochrome nature of it

  2. Your new site is looking great, Judy! Can’t wait to see more!

  3. You have a beautiful new website! It showcases your work very well…My Best! joni

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