The Satisfaction of Completion

Nothing nicer than crossing something off a list .

The longer I work on a project, the more clutter becomes associated with it. I do try to ‘put things back where they came from’ as I work through phases but it always seems that there are pieces of fabric, notes, sewing tools that remain out for easy access. So, the day when I can finally clear an area of all that has accumulated always bring a certain air of accomplishment.

This week two projects reached that point:

  • A wall hanging for my soon-to-be born granddaughter. It began as a ‘sketch’ created by my already born granddaughter on my design wall. She assembled pieces of fabric into a design of her choosing. (She had just watched a Harry Potter movie the day before and sounded like she was drawing some inspiration from it.)
    I then fused the pieces to a background and embellished on her theme. The colors came from the quilt already completed for the new baby. The photo below lacks the binding but you get the general idea.
  • My other completion I am particularly pleased with – my SAQA auction  quilt. Last year I was unable to contribute a donation due to our house construction and so I was determined to have something prepared for this year. The opening date for submissions is weeks away so I am really ahead of the game.


I also returned to work on my dyeing class this week. I did a series to learn about creating shades from a base color by varying the amount of black dye. I worked from a turquoise base.


I also played with creating neutrals and browns.


And compared the results of overdyeing some yellow fabric alternatively with fuchsia and turquoise.


With so much accomplished this week, I hope next week will be as productive!

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  1. A very pretty piece from one granddaughter to another…via Grandma! And your dyeing is excellent. I am indeed going to have to practice those lessons I’ve set aside for later!

  2. I got almost nothing done this week, so I can really relate to how good it feels when you can be productive! Love the piece by your grandchild. So perfect for the new baby.

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