The Beginning of a Journey

I thought it might be fun to travel along with me while I create a new art quilt. I am hoping it will turn out well enough to contribute to the SAQA Benefit Auction this year. My intention, at least for now, is to incorporate some of the hand stitching work that I have been studying for the past three months. 

My working title for this piece will be Memories. Its beginning came from a sketch in one of my journals. I should explain that my journals are highly impromptu. I admire those whose journals are works of art that can stand on their own. Mine are definitely not there yet. I am simply pleased when I find the time to sketch in even the most casual way. 

Pencil drawing

My plan was to create strips of delicate fabric that I have been collecting the past few months, stitch them together and then begin adding hand stitching. The finished piece must be 12″ x 12″ so I began estimating size of strips to cut. As I began to stitch some strips together, I quickly realized that my initial measurements were off but fortunately, with the help of a 12 1/2″ square ruler that I have, I was able to create an appropriate sized piece of pieced fabrics to proceed with.

pieced fabric

As you can see, these are all beautiful pieces of fabric already on their own. It is going to be absolutely delightful to embellish them and then quilt them.

lace overlay

I did include some lace. It is backed with some gently patterned white cotton that I picked up on one of my shopping trips last year in the NYC garment district.

The final version of this piece is uncertain – I always let the art work direct me as it begins to take shape! I will be tossing around the idea of an overlay of flowers as in my sketch. We shall see!  

Hope you will enjoy following along on its creation!

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  1. It will indeed be fun to see how this comes out, Judy. 🙂

  2. Impromptu pieces are always exciting and this one looks to be elegant as well.

  3. You have all the components here of a successful piece….an informative journal entry with delicate marks and beautiful cloth…I am in no doubt this will be more than fit for the benefit.

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