What a difference a few days make!

Farewell crisp autumn tones
Welcome snow scenes kindling my

quiet reflection

Most days I try to get out for either a walk or a run. One of my favorite spots close to my home is an old railroad bed that has been converted to a trail for the community. Here was the view on Monday – you can see winter in the air!


Today this was the view from the same trail:


I guess winter has come! As long as I don’t have to drive in it, I have to confess that I embrace the season. There is something calming about a snow covered landscape. Running in a snow covered lane, it is so quiet. It kindles a sort of  magical  feeling in me combined with reverence and awe. No wonder I loved my trip to Antarctica and still follow blogs on the area!

While our neighborhood was morphing from fall to winter, I was dealing with that stack of green fabric you saw last week on my blog.  As our plane flew into Shannon Airport in September, the view from my window was similar to this photo:


It reminded me of a quilt with fringe between the blocks and I knew I had to create one. I remembered that our local quilt shop, Ivy Thimble, always has a fantastic inventory of flannels and that is where I headed last week. I was ready to improvise on a pattern but Ivy Thimble had a sample quilt with exactly the effect I was envisioning. Not only did they have a pattern written out, but I could purchase pre-cut blocks of batting! They also had kits but, of course, I wanted to pick out my fabrics.

It took relatively no time to cut out my assortment of fabrics and sew together each block as a sandwich of front/batting/backing. Each sandwich was stitched with a big X from corner to corner to hold it together .

I was then able to get to the fun part – laying them out in an order pleasing to me. This photo isn’t the greatest but it served as a useful guide as I was stitching the blocks together into rows. That turned out to be one of the trickiest parts as the seam allowances had to be to the front to create the fringe. With the least distraction, I was tearing out seams as years of sewing allowances to the rear kicked in.


Once the pieces were sewn together, I clipped those seams and took the whole thing to the local laundromat for washing and drying. The instructions advocated not using your home machines as the lint created in the process is a bit excessive.

Here is what the quilt looked like before the washing/drying:


And, here is the final version:


I really like how the fringe curled up.


So now I have a cozy quilt to curl up under during those cold winter nights! And, I had enough fabric left over to make a small quilt for a certain Corduroy Bear who will be a Christmas present for a little three-year-old I know.  🙂

Corduroy Bear quilt


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Hawaiian Reverie

Hawaiian Reverie

53″ x 44″

Pieced by Judy and machine quilted by Val Schultz of Mountain View Quilting.

A fun throw that brings memories of time spent in the Hawaiian Islands.


Detail image – click to view larger:

Hawaiian Reverie, detail


Pieced Octagonal quilt


This quilt uses the techniques of Paula Nadelstern to create the basic kaleidoscopic design. The final border of the quilt includes insets with decorative stitching. The finished quilt is 100% cotton and is approximately 52″ from the center of one side of the octagon to opposing center.

Detail image – click to view larger:

Kaleidescope, detail