Seeing Anew

The real voyage of discovery consists,
not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust

It is a new year and so many use the change in calendar year to start afresh. A few deep breaths and visualizing a positive journey in 2015 can energize and motivate. As I played in my cleaned-up studio this past week, I experienced a rush of good energy and even excitement. A few weeks earlier, I was unsure of a next project. Now, my plate was tantalizingly full. Awesome!

I was reminded of Proust’s quote on seeing with new eyes with respect to one of my UFO’s (unfinished projects). Two years ago, I took some photos of a stream in Colorado, played with images in Photoshop, and had the results printed on cloth. One particular version just sort of hung around the studio. I had plans to mat it…but just never got to it. It didn’t excite me enough to go farther…

Well, you guessed it. This past week that changed. I finally  framed it. I have been glancing at it all week and becoming more and more pleased with it. It is now handing in my office till it finds a new home…..another goal of this coming year — marketing my work more actively.

Aspen Stream

May you all see with new eyes, breathe in good energy, and have a great year!


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Progress on all fronts!

This has been a great week for catching up and luxuriating in time to work on multiple projects at once. It is that sweet time when I am caught up from past trips and future travel is far enough away that I don’t need to organize the household for my departure.

A positive highlight of the week was turning my 830 on for probably the first time in a month! I have two great digital images scanned on silk on hand. This week I got to start playing with a draft (extra printing of the image) of one of the two pieces. 

Aspen quilting

Aspen snow

Journey has also been moving forward. The 12″ square is now quilted and I am starting to hand embroider some flowers. Here you can see some of what I have been stitching.


And, finally, I have gotten immersed in the special three week stitching class I am taking with Karen Ruane. I will share more on that next week but here is a glimpse of some of the fabrics I am working with.


I am linking this post to Nina Marie’s Off the Wall Friday, so please check out the fascinating work by other artists.


Digitally printed image with felted alpaca roving

22″ x 29.5″

Included in Sacred Threads 2013 Exhibition, within the theme of ‘Spirituality’

Contemporary art quilt: digitally printed on silk, machine quilted, embellished with felted alpaca roving 

This piece speaks to me of spirituality – rising from a base of groundedness into the light and higher meaning. Our path may be complex, fraught with temptation and darker moments, but if we persevere, we will reach the summit.

Detail image – click to view larger:


Ice Flow

Digitally printed image on silk with beading

34″ x 19.5″

Exhibited at:
ARTQUILTSwater: Professional Art Quilters Alliance – South Juried Exhibit
Juried Art Exhibit and Auction, Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, Spokane, WA

Art quilt digitally printed on silk. Machine quilted and embellished with beads. 

The ice in Antarctica is both beautiful and  mysterious with a breath-taking range of colors. The imagery in this fiber art piece was created from a photo taken in Antarctica and altered in Photoshop. It was then digitally printed  on silk and machine quilted.


Detail image – click to view larger:

Ice Flow, detail


Abstract art quilt digitally printed

17.5″ x 25.5″

2017 Patchwork Design Expo, Rio and Sao Paulo Brazil

Sacred Threads 2013 Exhibition

Whole cloth digitally printed art quilt,  machine quilting and appliqué. 

In the darkest of moments and most confusing of times, the flower in this art quilt reminds me to look for the positive and know the power of that choice. By choosing love and healing, we can bring light and hope to even the most tragic of settings. We can be inspiration.

Detail image – click to view larger:

Emergence, detail