Some Hand Stitching Fun

The past week or so I have been in Ireland with two of my cousins having a glorious time – amazingly, there was no rain and sunshine every day. The trip meant an emphasis on hand stitching as that could travel along with me.

As you know, I have been studying with Karen Ruane for almost a year now.  September marked the completion of one six month course and the start of a 12 week follow-up. I decided to mark the transition by working on a grouping of three small cloches. I find these small projects are a fun way of practicing different techniques with an actual end product as a result!

Small Red ClocheIn the first of the three cloches, I used some kimono fabric to create a luscious red ‘bumpy bit’ on the back of the cloche. I encircled it was some simple chain stitch and put a few French knots in the center.

Red Cloche

I played on the front of the cloche with a modified web stitch. I rather like the effect.

My next cloche gave me a chance to work with hexagons. Karen used some hexagons in the early part of Simple Stitch Four. Given my hectic life, it took me to the final weeks to experiment with them. I found a metal template I ordered from England really helpful.

hexagon template

In no time, I had some neat strips of hexagons for cloche #2!

row of hexagon shapes

I embellished these with a spray of French knots that you can see here as the future cloche dries from damp stretching.


I finished this cloche on my trip and started some work for my new course with Karen.  As I settle back in from my journeys, I will share these as well as some of the antique lace/cloth I found in the small town I was staying in.

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  1. any time a hexagon is added, is good. I do not look good in cloches but love them!
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. The cloches are lovely and so delicate. You are getting a lot out of this course.

  3. Your studies with Karen Ruane intrigue me. These cloches are exquisite and elegant. Lucky you to get to travel to Ireland!

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