Simplicity in line – Yves Saint Laurent

This fall I have had the opportunity to visit the Yves St Laurent exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum twice! The museum has really created a breath-taking exhibit of his work. Each time I visited the experience was uplifting and I learned a little more about the genius that was Yves St. Laurent.

There is a simplicity of line in all of Saint Laurent’s designs. You can see it both in these sketches included in the exhibit and in this display of his dresses.



One particular design element that attracted me were the gentle wraps of fabric that are present in many of his designs.

img_0678 img_0682 img_0683

After Saint Laurent moved to Marrakesh, he incorporated more and more color into his designs. Here is one of my favorites that was on display:


And, then there were those designs that just held your attention for their astounding creativity.

img_0684 img_0677 img_0679 img_0420

The exhibit is at the museum through the holidays so if your travels take you to Seattle, I hope you will be able to check it out. There is so much more on exhibit. If you can’t, here is a link to a brief slide show on Sant Laurent and the exhibit created by the museum that you can enjoy.


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  1. Thank you for the tour-I haven’t seen this exhibit. I love those lines. What a genius! Oh it makes me wish I had more time to garment sew.

  2. So much elegance all in one place — breath-taking!

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