Seeing Anew

The real voyage of discovery consists,
not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust

It is a new year and so many use the change in calendar year to start afresh. A few deep breaths and visualizing a positive journey in 2015 can energize and motivate. As I played in my cleaned-up studio this past week, I experienced a rush of good energy and even excitement. A few weeks earlier, I was unsure of a next project. Now, my plate was tantalizingly full. Awesome!

I was reminded of Proust’s quote on seeing with new eyes with respect to one of my UFO’s (unfinished projects). Two years ago, I took some photos of a stream in Colorado, played with images in Photoshop, and had the results printed on cloth. One particular version just sort of hung around the studio. I had plans to mat it…but just never got to it. It didn’t excite me enough to go farther…

Well, you guessed it. This past week that changed. I finally  framed it. I have been glancing at it all week and becoming more and more pleased with it. It is now handing in my office till it finds a new home…..another goal of this coming year — marketing my work more actively.

Aspen Stream

May you all see with new eyes, breathe in good energy, and have a great year!


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  1. Beautiful

  2. Nice post. I love it when I am just bursting with energy about my work-glad you had such a great start to the year!

  3. So calming….however I do want to stick my toes into the water and splash a bit!

  4. 🙂

  5. It does look beautiful framed.

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