Sacred Threads and Creativity

Everything you can imagine is real.
Pablo Picasso

I am pleased to let everyone know that my quilt, Ground Zero Reborn, is on display with the Sacred Threads Exhibit in Herndon, VA from July 11-28. It is always an honor to be included in this exhibition and this quilt is very special to me as the Wall St area of NYC was very much a part of my childhood. I am always grateful that my parents were not alive to witness the tragedy of 9/11.

Sacred Threads allows artists to share pivotal moments in their lives through art quilts. If you have the opportunity to visit the exhibition, the quilts you will experience are amazing and moving. I hope you can visit.The exhibition is at the Floris United Methodist Church and full details on the exhibit can be found on the Sacred Threads website.

Ground Zero Reborn

In my previous post, I wrote that I had decided to participate in SAQA’s “100 Days of Creativity on Facebook” challenge. After ten days, I am amazed and delighted to report that I love the challenge. Much to my surprise, the simple concept of making enough progress on an idea to be able to take a daily photo capturing the progress has turned out to be exactly the incentive I needed to create. There is so much freedom in how each participant chooses to use the 100 days that I feel totally comfortable sharing whatever I have done and I am finding looking at everyone else’s photos both inspiring and instructive. My experience is that simply persisting every day to do a little and then contemplating the next day’s step for the reminder of the day has allowed me to make concrete progress.

In the first ten days, I have moved from creating templates for two different size art quilts based on the same photo

to a roughed out version of the smaller of the two projected art quilts.

I have enjoyed the process so much that I have decided to expand upon my original plan for the 100 days. For the second ten days, I am developing a hand embroidery from some vintage fabrics recently given me. While I am embroidering I will be contemplating how I will stitch the small art work which I will resume working on for the third block of ten days. I hope to continue flipping back and forth in blocks of ten days between the two projects until mid-September. 

Wish me luck!

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  1. Oh Judy, these photos are inspiring.. Ground Zero Reborn is beautiful, and I wish I could see it in person. Thank you for creating these amazing works of art.

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