Opening Our Eyes to Art

How often do we see without seeing?

Do you ever stop and just look about you? I was reminded tonight how easy it is to take for granted our surroundings. I mentioned the art of Aikido in last week’s post. Tonight I was back in our dojo, or place of practice, just enjoying the peacefulness of our space. I often arrive early on Thursdays as I teach the first class. There is something special about taking a few minutes on my own to practice one of our weapon katas or do some extra stretching or breath work.

Tonight I arrived immersed in plans for my next art quilt. As I looked about me, what I saw was art. We have some very talented members who contribute freely of their time to enhance our practice space. As I looked about, the caring that created the art I found around me enveloped me and created the perfect mood to begin practice.

Here is some of what I saw:

Japanese clock

clock created on our wall using Japanese characters


Wall hanging reminding us of the four principles that guide our practicephoto

Photo of student caught in mid-roll printed onto to fabric


Bell given to dojo for starting class


Linked to Off the Wall Friday so you can check out other artists.

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  1. Beautiful post. Yes, art is everywhere in our life if we just see.

  2. Yes, that is very nice art around you. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. 🙂

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