Missing Geet

Go softly into the night
Angels will embrace you
and welcome you into the light.

My cousin’s wife Geet left us last month, only a very short time after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We are a small family. She was younger than me. Her husband is about as I would imagine a brother would be, if my parents had ever had any other children. In other words, it hurt a lot. I had volunteered in a hospice for many years, so it made it even tougher in what I knew was her last week of life to be across the country rather than caring for her.

I guess I did what any artist would do. I spent the time as she was breathing her last breaths creating an art work, Missing Geet, that is now hanging in my cousin’s home.

Here is the explanation that I sent my cousin:

This started out as many of my works do with an idea or image in my mind. As I began to put it together, it took on a life of its own. – that is what usually happens.

I chose pink as when I think of Geet, I see rosy happiness. The quilt directed me to include some dark reds to reflect that her heart was in everything she did.

The title, ‘Missing Geet’, was there from the start. I wondered how to represent our loss. The black area is behind a piece of the art quilt literally cut roughly away to reflect that she was taken so fast and abruptly.

The hearts in the void are simply a statement of love for her.

art quilt


Detail of hand stitching

Geet and Greg

Geet with her husband, Greg

Bon Voyage, Geet. May we meet again in a more peaceful world.

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  1. How touching and beautiful-what a loving gift to her husband and healing for you. So sorry to hear this.

  2. It’s a beautiful remembrance. I’m sure your cousin will treasure it. Sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing about Geet.

  3. Judy, I’m sorry for Geet and your family. It was a very thoughtful gift you made for your cousin and I’m sure it will help while he grieves. There is something very comforting in fabric. Sending a hug to you – Jeanne

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