Lace Edging Bonanza

I stopped in to my favorite Bernina store, BobbinCaseon Thursday to share some of my work with owner, Linda, and awesome helper, Ann. As we chatted, Linda mentioned that she had some lace edgings that had been hanging round the store for ages. She had just taken some home to use in a quilt, but still had a few at the store. My curiosity was peaked.

Out came the edgings and they were beautiful. 

Have a peak!

grouping of lace edgings

I simply loved the detail in them. 

close up of lace edging

I, of course, took some home with me and immediately began playing with incorporating into one of my projects. I haven’t decided yet to use it but doesn’t it off set the teal fabric nicely?

edging contrasting with tealThe teal fabric is called Plaster of Paris and is designed by Stephanie Brandenburg for Frond Design Studios. I had picked it up last fall on a visit to one of my favorite fabric stores, Undercover Quilts, in Seattle, WA.

Obviously, I had a great weekend playing with these beautiful fibers!

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  1. Thanks for giving us a peek at your new trims, Judy — they are indeed lovely and are beautifully offset by the navy background. I love trims and have a stash…because I never know what will pique my interest…perhaps a crazy patch block…or…? 🙂

  2. Oh what lovely “scraps” to play with-I love it on the teal!

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