Having a Good Summer

Good things come to those who wait.

I have had a lot to be grateful for this summer in my art. Besides being blessed with time, good ideas, and sheer enjoyment in stitching, I have also been acknowledged by my peers. As mentioned in my previous post, I have had After the Storm in the Sacred Threads exhibit which just closed last week.

While After the Storm was on view, I received word that Oasis was accepted into the first show of the SAQA WA Region: The State of WA(ter) which will be on exhibit at the Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum in La Conner, Wa from August 2 – October 29.

Applique of Japanese Gardens, Spokane, WA

I am quite excited about this. The exhibit recognizes the complexity of the state of Washington when it comes to water. To quote from the Call for Entry:

Although nearly 5,000 square miles of our state are covered in water, the landscapes of the western and eastern regions could hardly be more different. Washington is a state shaped by extremes of water: the cool, rainy West contrasts vividly with the dry, more climatically severe East. Dividing the East from the West is the dramatic Cascade mountain range, itself a setting for a plethora of lakes, rivers, and glaciers.

SAQA members residing in Washington were invited to interpret these extremes of waters, either by representing the character of water in the east, west or mountainous region of the state.

I offered the following explanation for my entry:

The dryer climate of the eastern part of Washington State has created a deep respect for the role of water in our community. Why? Years with low seasonal rain/snow mean ideal conditions for summer forest fires. Spokane has historically demonstrated its appreciation of water through its planned use of water in the county. An example is the Nishinomiya Tsutakawa Japanese Garden which was created in 1974 in partnership with Spokane’s sister city, Nishinomiya, in Japan. The garden, with waterfall and pond, continues to this day as an oasis of peace in the heart of this eastern population center. I chose to highlight the respect for water and its careful usage in the eastern side of the state through my depiction of the pond in my art quilt, “Oasis”.

I hope that my readers will have the opportunity to see the entire SAQA exhibit at the museum.

And, my good news does not end there! I was also thrilled to learn that my art quilt, Ground Zero Reborn, has been juried into the Global Murmurs exhibit which will be on exhibit in Rochester, NY this fall. I will be writing more details on this exhibit in a later post.

Hope that everyone is having a fulfilling summer too!

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  1. Oh wow Judy-many congratulations! All that work is paying off. What a beautiful, serene piece!

  2. Judy, Congratulations! Oasis evokes peace for me, and calm. I’m sure in person I would see the quilting, but it looks just like a painting. It is a work of art. And your awards well deserved. Much ki heading your way. -Judy

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