Hand stitching saves the day!

hand embroidered lettersThis summer season has gotten off to a busy start…….and the traveling doesn’t look to let up. Thank goodness that I made that decision a while back to begin studying the art of hand embroidery with Karen Ruane! It means that I can take my art projects with me, wherever I am. 🙂

As a result, while I was visiting my granddaughter this past week, I was able to add to those embroidered letters I mentioned in an earlier post.  So, the word “YES!” is now formed. While I am home over the next few weeks, I hope to complete quilting the piece that they will be added to.

But, first, I am off for a weekend of aikido at Rowan University. I may have mentioned that I practice a style of aikido called “Kokikai Aikido.” I am teaching with a group of nine other senior instructors at a seminar at Rowan. I am looking forward to seeing friends from around the country that I have practiced with for years. If you are not familiar with Aikido, I encourage you to read a bit about it. It is an art of de-escalation – where you move off line of attackers and work with their energy to end an attack. One of the most wonderful aspects of studying the art is the application in daily life. Your ability to remain calm under pressure increases. You also cultivate a heightened awareness of others. A dear friend whom I worked with for 25 years wrote one of the quintessential books of taking aikido off the mat into relationships – Magic of Conflict by Thomas Crum. The mind/body skills necessary to practice aikido can be learned by anyone. Tom was one of the first aikido practitioners to appreciate this. He is still traveling the world teaching those in management, education, health services, and even the armed forces. And, Magic of Conflict is the base of all his workshops. Whatever your calling in life, there are some ideas in Magic of Conflict that will help you along on your journey. Hope that you will check it out.

Make Your Life of Work, A Work of Art – Thomas Crum

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  1. Carol Mcdowell says

    I love the idea of embroidery on the letters! I think a lot of us have that “I can’t just sit and not do something with my hands” syndrome .

  2. I’m going to check out that book for my husband. He just finished his Ph.D. and needs a hobby. He used to do martial arts… Love the hand work!!
    LeeAnna Paylor not afraid of color! lapaylor.blogspot.com

  3. Happy embroidery! I love what you shared about aikido… how beautiful to use the energy in such a positive way.

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