Enjoying the Twiddly

How precious are these moments — breathe, cherish, be.


This week was a true gift! My calendar was clear of appointments. My time was my own to spend as I chose. This doesn’t happen very often in my life.  😉

Perhaps you can guess what I did? A good deal of time was in my studio/office; another big segment was outdoors enjoying the fall colors while they last. This week was a time to reflect and plan future projects as well as work on current ones. Last week I began a small memento of my trip to Louisburgh, Ireland – an art quilt of buildings on one of the two main streets in the village. This week I moved right along. Windows and gutters started appearing.

Louisburgh, County Mayo


As the week progressed, I began to fill in the scene more.

Louisburgh #3The more I worked, the more dissatisfied I became – isn’t that always the way! The angles on the green building were just not right……and the scene still was very ‘flat’. As I added more pieces to the scene, I also began to play with my Inktense pencils and adjust some of the elements in the scene.

By week’s end, the  piece was showing improvement though I am still tweaking and adding elements including some lettering which awaits the arrival of a  red Inktense pencil. However, I think you can see progress here:

Louisburgh, County Mayo

While I cut the pieces of fabric for the windows and doors, I reflected on a comment often made by my stitching instructor, Karen Ruanne. She is always remarking that she enjoys the twiddly.  Wikipedia defines twiddly as “anything that is relatively small and trifling or elaborately decorative.” Karen revels in embellishing her pieces with intricate detail. She says it relaxes her. As I cut and fused those tiny window panes I realized that I too enjoy the twiddly. While I often use simple shapes to define objects, I will then add tiny details to complete a scene.

What about you? How do you feel about the twiddly? Are you impatient to be done with it or do you enjoy the process?


As usual, linking to Off the Wall Friday so you can check in with other artists.

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  1. Love the process and progress on this new piece, Judy. I don’t like “fiddly” (making tiny, fussy gift items like pencil cases, zipped bags, boxes, decorations) but I admit that I too like the “twiddly”. 🙂

  2. Amazing, Judy. I love this new quilt. I enjoy Twiddly sometimes, and others not so much. It depends on the project, I think. I really get into the twiddly when I’m writing, for example — finding the appropriate graphic for a blog post, or the fitting word to describe a particular state of mind. Makes sense? 🙂

  3. It’s the twiddly that gives the charm and the personality. And I think the angle of the green building is part of the charm, too.

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