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Last week I gave you a peek at the online design class I am taking with Elizabeth Barton. At the same time, I am also taking a design class with Karen Ruanne, Reinventing the Page. This class has been equally fun, particularly in juxtaposition to Elizabeth’s class.

Here is quick glimpse at a progression of designs I have building in Karen’s class.

Basic doodles

Two Starting Doodles


Playing with repetition


Expanding on a theme


More expansion and repetition













Combining original motifs


Further Expansion












Where all this will ultimately lead, I can’t say. But, I am definitely enjoying the process! And, I can already feel the impact of stepping back and just playing with designs on my creative process for future works.

If you would like a glimpse into Karen Ruanne’s process that resulted in the class I am taking,  she is posting a series of five videos on her blog while she is traveling. The first videos at least deal with sketching out designs.  The videos are brief, under 10 minutes, so you can get a quick feel into how she works. I have been studying with Karen for over a year now and grown to love her process and her way of sharing through video. You can find the videos on her blog.

As always, linking to Nina Marie’s Off the Wall Friday.

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  1. Hi Judy, I think I am about ready to reenter the world of fiber art. We are moved and somewhat settled. I am teaching May 3-9, then I will have time to get back to some of my own work. I want to take Elizabeth Barton’s class, but needed to wait until I feel that I can devote the time needed. I will be interested in following your progress. Please note my email address change.

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