Deer Haven

Baby deer nestled in plants

Glancing out my bedroom door, I noticed a flash of color in the green, weedy, flower garden outside the door. I quickly moved into our living room where I could get a better view of the flower bed.


This fawn had decided my flower bed was the perfect place for an afternoon nap!


The fawn left fairly quickly after these photos.

We have at least four babies wandering about our property these days. It is fun to watch them grow. Eventually, I will teach them that the flower beds are off limits. For now, it is just fun to discover them every day and nice to be able to offer them  a safe place to grow up. Great excuse not to weed too!

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  1. Sweet visitor! Happy 4th Judy.

  2. ow, what a beautiful view to have from your bedroom…..I see roof tops and chimneys from mine!!

  3. that should have said wow not ow….

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