As the World Turns

Nothing is worth more than this day.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Life has been spinning a bit more than usual the past few weeks. After a half month out west, I am now back in upstate New York. While out west, we purchased some land and began moving forward on a second home near our daughter and her family. Here is a quick peak at our new acquisition:


My husband, Jerry, is standing by the start of the pine forest.

Since I have been back home, I have started up some new work. My current project is a small art quilt that will serve as a memory of my trip to Louisburgh, Ireland. I thought it might be fun to show the progress.

Pink house - 1

Not very exciting but you have to start somewhere! This will eventually be a pink house along one of the two main streets in Louisburgh. During the week, it did grow a bit.  🙂

Pink House #2

Perhaps this begins to make some more sense? You can see that I am building the quilt on a piece of muslin. I have made it quite large as I have dreams of creating an unusual border – we will see how that materializes as the quilt grows.

Pink House #3

In this photo I have started to add in some forms for trees. I am building from the back forward. It doesn’t look very straight as I am adding allowances to each of the sides and not being very exact on that process.  My next step will be to add roofs, gutters, windows, doors and trim. Hope to be able to share those next week.

The rest of my creative time this past week has been devoted to my work for Simply Stitch 5 with Karen Ruanne.  I have decided to take all those handkerchiefs that I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago and create a quilt. That will be a long term project for me with lots of hand-stitching! I just added a few doilies I collected over the years in travel to another handkerchief.


Life in the coming year promises to be full. I suspect I will be constantly reminding myself to take one day at a time and most definitely to stay present and appreciate the day I am in!

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  1. Not only do you have a great start on a new piece….but a new life……we long to live closer to our only child…..however there’s no way we’d EVER move to San Francisco!!

  2. I love the start of your piece.

  3. ahhhh you have a vision…. nice to see it in the beginning. The new property looks great… we’d like to move out there too. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  4. Hi Judy! I’m glad you said Jerry was standing at the start of the pine forest. I’d never have seen him otherwise. :). What a beautiful piece of land. And I look forward to watching your new art quilt develop. xo

  5. It’s always exciting to start a new piece. Goes well with starting on a new property.

  6. I love the beginning of your project. Love to see it finished.
    Happy New Year

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