As the Journey continues, a fun side trip emerges

Memories is evolving as it should. I made the pleasant discovery that it is relatively easy to embellish while on a plane and it definitely makes the time pass more quickly. My focus the past few days has been upon the seams of my fabric strips and one loose edge of lace overlay that will form one corner of the finished 12″ square.

I began with adding one line of buttonhole stitching along each sewn seam and then created a more lacey effect with a second row.

line of buttonhole stitch

One row of stitching


two rows of stitching

Two rows

The ‘side trip’ that will be coming up is a special 3 week long online class with Karen Ruanne that she will be offering beginning March 24. Called Pillows and Pages, the class will follow Karen as she creates three pillows with supporting journal pages. As with any class with Karen, you are the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’, watching videos of Karen as she works and creating a work of your own, if you choose. The relatively loose format works well for me. I have come to look forward to her videos as she chats about life while demonstrating the most delicate stitchery. While I have yet to attempt a journal page in her style, I gain great inspiration from hers. 

Having defined one goal for myself for the coming months as the creation of an embellished pin cushion, signing up for Karen’s class seemed an obvious choice. I am grateful to have the flexibility to rearrange my other projects to fit the class in. 

If you would like to know more about Pillows and Pages, you can find Karen’s description in this blog entry and also enjoy a glimpse of some of her work.

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  1. Oh dear. I have a feeling I know what classes I’m going after next. 😉 Perfect Outdoor Studio work………

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