A Busy Week

messy desk

Just a glimpse of some of my working area this past week. Buried beneath  multiple projects is Journey which is patiently waiting for its turn to be quilted. Quite a bit was accomplished and Journey will soon be an active project again!

art quilt interpretation of Aspen tree trunk


Aspen is my latest art quilt. It is adapted from a photo taken earlier this year on a trip to Aspen, CO. After some interpretive work in Photoshop, it was digitally printed for me on silk by my friend, Julie Brandon, owner of Red Dog Enterprises. It is one of my smaller pieces, 11″x 13.5″, but a definite favorite which brings back many memories of a special trip.

hand stitched pouch

Another project, finally completed, is in a series of pouches that I am making using vintage hankies. This was finished with a heart shaped button. I am particularly pleased with some of the detail work on the back of the pouch, including a tiny pocket.  😀


With these two pieces off my work table, my next objective is the final two pillows for Pillows and Pages, my current class with Karen Ruane which will be finishing up in the next week.

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  1. I love Aspen- it really looks like tree bark. The quilting is wonderful.

  2. Very nice job with Aspen. It definitely has a woodsy feel and wintry aspect to it.

  3. Your Aspen piece turned out beautifully. The color reproduction of the digital printing looks great: not muted and washed out like most. Really nice work.

  4. great projects!
    LeeAnna Paylor

  5. Aspen is fabulous! And the pouch-charming. So many on-line friends have taken Karen Ruane’s class-it’s intrigued me.

  6. “Aspen” is a very different way of viewing those trees; I like it a lot! The pouch is a delightful contrast. 🙂

  7. I love the contrasting textures of Aspen! Well done, Judy.

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