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Rice Fields

Foot square landscape art quilt near Kyoto, Japan

12″ x 12″
SAQA auction donation

Hand dyed cotton art quilt, pieced, machine quilting and embellishment.

This art quilt is a representational rendition of some rice fields near Kyoto. Adapted from a photo taken on a trip to the area. 

Detail image – click to view larger:

Rice Fields, detail


Foot square art quilt of women traveling in India2009
12″ x 12″
SAQA Auction Donation

Contemporary art quilt using piecing, appliqué, and machine quilting.

Created from memories of southwestern India of women in brightly colored garb walking in groups in crowded streets.


Art quilt with appliqué and overlay

38″ x 32″

This art quilt toured with SAQA’s No Place to Call Home special exhibit.

Contemporary fiber art quilt: pieced and appliquéd hand dyed cotton with a hand stamped tulle overlay.

No one really knows how many children in this world do not have homes. UNICEF estimated 100 million street children in the world’s cities back in 1989 and continues to refer to that number. Using this limited estimate, each child in this quilt would represent one million children.

No one knows what happens to these children either. Some simply disappear, dying from malnutrition, disease, or worse. Others though endure and rise up from their bleak beginnings to live full and inspiring lives.

This quilt imagines the world through the eyes of these children – vast, muted, empty of homes – and honors them by bringing attention to their sheer numbers.

Detail image – click to view larger:

Homeless, detail

The Dream Lives On

Applique art quiet memorializing Kennedy deaths

31″ x 26″

Appliqué art quilt using embellishment and decorative stitching on cotton fabric.

When Ted Kennedy died in August 2009, it marked the passing of the last of the three brothers, John, Bob, and Ted, whose lives had shaped my own. As I watched and listened to the eulogies following Ted’s passing, the image for this piece flashed in my mind.

The tears shed with the loss of these three men collect in a pond and from its depth rises the mythological phoenix carrying forth with their dreams for social justice for all.

Detail image – click to view larger:

The Dream Lives On, detail


Abstract art quilt of aikido throw

14.5″ x 11″

Quilted artwork, pieced with embellishments including yarn and angelina fiber

Many throws  in the martial art of aikido are called “Kokyu Nage” or Breath of the Nage. This is because the success of the throw relies heavily upon the timing and movement of the person being attacked.This piece depicts a flow of incoming energy (in red) being accepted and redirected. 


Detail image – click to view larger:

Kokyu Nage, detail


Applique art quiet

44″ x 35″

Exhibited in 2012 Northwest Quilting Expo’s Juried Quilt Show.

This machine quilted art quilt combines pieced, fused, and appliqué techniques and includes decorative stitching and hand beading. 

Life, at times, can create a feeling of being besieged and bombarded by outside events, with energy draining and thoughts spinning endlessly. I created this piece at a time of major transition in my life.

Detail image – click to view larger:

Overwhelm, detail

Ice Flow

Digitally printed image on silk with beading

34″ x 19.5″

Exhibited at:
ARTQUILTSwater: Professional Art Quilters Alliance – South Juried Exhibit
Juried Art Exhibit and Auction, Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, Spokane, WA

Art quilt digitally printed on silk. Machine quilted and embellished with beads. 

The ice in Antarctica is both beautiful and  mysterious with a breath-taking range of colors. The imagery in this fiber art piece was created from a photo taken in Antarctica and altered in Photoshop. It was then digitally printed  on silk and machine quilted.


Detail image – click to view larger:

Ice Flow, detail

Keeping Perspective

Representational art quilt of Antarctic scene

24.5″ x 31.5″

Exhibited in ARTQUILTSwater: Professional Art Quilters Alliance – South Juried Exhibit

In Private Collection

Fused appliqué art quilt with machine quilting.

There are no trees in Antarctica, no greenery. If you are fortunate enough to ever visit the continent, the vastness of its glaciers, mountains, and waterways will forever humble you. The number of species that can survive in its climate are few. Man is a visitor who quickly learns to respect the forces of nature at work. The scene depicted in this representational quilt was adapted from photo taken in this land of ice.

Detail image – click to view larger:

Keeping Perspective, detail


Representational art quilt of Antarctic scene

36″ x 39.5″

Fused appliqué art quilt with machine quilting

The scene depicted in this fiber art quilt occurred on a Christmas Eve in Antarctica. Some volunteers who had been restoring a deserted hut were stranded by an influx of ice into a previously open waterway. The ship that I was traveling upon had the ability to cut through much of the ice. We then sent two Zodiacs up a channel to pick up the volunteers and transported them to Port Lockroy to spend Christmas with friends.

Detail image – click to view larger:

Journey, detail


Abstract art quilt digitally printed

17.5″ x 25.5″

2017 Patchwork Design Expo, Rio and Sao Paulo Brazil

Sacred Threads 2013 Exhibition

Whole cloth digitally printed art quilt,  machine quilting and appliqué. 

In the darkest of moments and most confusing of times, the flower in this art quilt reminds me to look for the positive and know the power of that choice. By choosing love and healing, we can bring light and hope to even the most tragic of settings. We can be inspiration.

Detail image – click to view larger:

Emergence, detail

View From On High

Applique art quiet

15″ x 15″

Exhibited in Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition 2012

Appliqué fiber art quilt with felting and machine quilting

Inspired by many miles of viewing the earth from airplane windows and from my love of flowing water.

Detail image – click to view larger:

View From On High, detail


Beaded abstract art quilt2010
16.5″ x 13.5″
In private Collection

An appliqué art quilt with decorative stitching and embellishment.

This piece began with celtic coloring but emerged with more of a celebratory design reminiscent of my time in the southwest. Hence, I chose the name “Celebration.”

Detail Image – Click to view larger


Summer Celebration

Applique art quilt of flower2009

18″ x 22.5″

In Private Collection

Applique and décorative stitching. 

This quilt was the result of family fun and intensive gardening at my daughter’s home in eastern Washington State.

Detail Image – Click to view larger


In Flight

Art quilt with birds2009
20″ x 36″

This quilt was created using the ‘Darned Quilt’ technique created by Dena Crain: fabric is re-arranged to create contrasting shapes. 100% cotton fabric, primarily batik.

This is one of my earliest quilts. One of the many online classes that I took with Dena Crain involved learning what she called her “Darned Quilt” technique. One mark of the change in seasons in upstate New York is a sky filled with migrating birds. In this quilt, the bird images were cut out of various areas of the background of this art quilt and transposed with other cut-uts.

Detail Image – Click to view larger



Small art quilt with dragonfly2009
13″x 16″
In Private Collection

An art quilt of appliqué on a pieced background, fused angelica fiber and thread.

Popular  symbolisms of the dragonfly are renewal, positive force and the power of life. Dragonflies can also be a symbol of the sense of self that comes with maturity. Also, as a creature of the wind, the dragonfly frequently represents change. 

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