Making Choices

To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven!

It’s been a month since I last wrote. For my own sanity, I needed to take a break. I hold that life is good and can always find the silver lining in every cloud. But, even for me, the optimist, there are times when life can get pretty overwhelming and lots of deep breaths are called for. 🙂 And so, about a month ago, I realized that I was going to have to make some choices and one choice was to let my blog rest for a few weeks so I could put my energy to other purposes.

I will say that while I haven’t been blogging, I have been sewing. Unfortunately, I can’t share my major hand stitching work just yet as it involves some gifts. But, I can share a photo of my latest quilt top for Quilts Beyond Borders. I had the pleasure a week or so ago to have lunch with the regional coordinator for my area, Susan Schmidt. She is totally dedicated to getting as many quilts made as is possible for the refugees in this world. At our lunch, she handed me a huge bag of fabric cuttings, all from one manufacturer, and asked if I would like to try to ‘design’ a few quilts out of them. Always up for a challenge, I took the bag home with me. My cousin and I sorted the pieces and there were enough for me to piece what I call my ‘string quilt.’


I estimate that I should get at least two more tops out of the scraps. There are a number of larger rectangles which should easily yield one top. After that, I will have a collection of much smaller pieces. Any thoughts on creating a top from them are greatly appreciated.

I should mention, if you happen to be visiting the Houston Quilt Festival in early November, Quilts Beyond Borders will have a table in the Expo. It was just a year ago in Houston that I learned about the organization. I understand they will have 300 kits there for anyone to pick up and take home to piece a quilt. Do take home a few if you are there.

I do hope to share more of my activities over the past few weeks in time – just re-learning to pace my writings. In the meantime, you can go over to Nina Marie’s Off the Wall Friday and draw some inspiration from some other artists.

Thought I would also share a rendition by Judy Collin’s of my opening quote. It is timeless.








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  1. What a very thoughtful post……thank you. I too have been considering taking a break from blogging…..though it’s such a habit I’m not sure I will!

  2. God bless Woody Guthrie, who knew his Bible well enough to take inspiration from those words…And God bless our friendship! I am blogging only when there is something to say…so I understand completely. Hugs!

  3. You ask for suggestions re scraps. I put aside little bits of fabric and odd strips etc and fabrics I no longer like and every so often just turn them into log cabin blocks of an approximate size around 6-8 inches. No planning in what goes with what. The individual blocks are very unappealing. Every now and again when I am devoid of ideas or just want not to have to think I get the pile out and lay them out vaguely on the floor and from there trim and make strips to form quilt tops.
    I love them as when in use there is always so many little things to look at. Just mulling over the colours and patterns can bring such joy to a recipient. Somehow when the cover is finished the individual blocks no longer scream – I am ugly.There is always something new to find. My log cabin strips are never over 2 inches wide when joining them so no colour or pattern ever dominates the piece.
    Suggestion from a cool morning in Belfast Northern Ireland

  4. your quilt top is gorgeous Judy and for such a good cause too….maybe you could just piece your scraps in a ”crazy” way with plain seams??

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