Art quilt with appliqué and overlay

38″ x 32″

This art quilt toured with SAQA’s No Place to Call Home special exhibit.

Contemporary fiber art quilt: pieced and appliquéd hand dyed cotton with a hand stamped tulle overlay.

No one really knows how many children in this world do not have homes. UNICEF estimated 100 million street children in the world’s cities back in 1989 and continues to refer to that number. Using this limited estimate, each child in this quilt would represent one million children.

No one knows what happens to these children either. Some simply disappear, dying from malnutrition, disease, or worse. Others though endure and rise up from their bleak beginnings to live full and inspiring lives.

This quilt imagines the world through the eyes of these children – vast, muted, empty of homes – and honors them by bringing attention to their sheer numbers.

Detail image – click to view larger:

Homeless, detail

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