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These past two weeks I have been taking an online class with Elizabeth Barton entitled Abstract Art for Quilt Makers with the Academy of Quilting. We began by gaining an appreciation of the many categories of abstract art and studying examples of each category in many different media.

In week two, we began playing with our own abstract designs using black and white construction paper. At first we were asked to play only with straight lines. My first examples left a bit to be desired.  Here is one that just wasn’t very exciting:


We then added curves into our designs. I have always loved working with curves and plunged right in. Here is one attempt that taught me an important lesson.


Elizabeth had suggested that we stick to an 80/20 proportion of curves and lines. In my enthusiasm, I forgot that suggestion and as a result my example is pretty balanced between curves and lines. Can you feel the tension as you are drawn back and forth between the curves and lines?

Here is my most successful effort so far:


In this design, the curves dominate the lines and there is more connection between the elements than the first two images. I will be keeping this one to develop a bit more!

Linking, as always, to Nine-Marie’s Off the Wall Friday. Hope you have time to check out what some other artists have been doing.

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  1. I like what I see here Judy — and I empathize…as I too have a tendency in my enthusiasm to forget principles like the ’80/20′ concept, or the Rule of Thirds. It’s neat to see your progression as you get more confident about what you want to show.

  2. I love all these samples Judy, the top one is very unique and appealing, the fragmentation I see in that.

  3. Interesting about the 80/20. It does seem to work.

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