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Getting my bearings………

With a week in the new house under my belt, I am beginning to enjoy the fruits of all our work the past year. Every window (and there are many!) showcases why we chose this property to build on.


The serenity of our surroundings will hopefully, in time, translate into more serenity in our lives. For now, there are still a lot of odds and ends to fill my days as I get this house up and running.

But, I do have my studio. And, I began to use it  to share my love of fabric  with my granddaughter. Here is a series of photos that I posted on Facebook earlier this week of my granddaughter playing on my design wall.


In addition, I was able to take all those UFOs from earlier years that I mentioned last week and create a quilt top for one of our guest rooms.


Next week will most certainly inspire me to return to more creative fiber work as I am heading to Houston. My art quilt, Imagine, was juried into Quilts: A World of Beauty and I am looking forward to seeing it on display at the show as well as taking in all the other wonderful quilts that will be on display. I hope to attend a few lectures and, of course, stroll through the vendor displays. Will let you about my adventures when I return the following week!


28″ x 21″

Quilts: A World of Beauty – IQA Judged Show, Fall ’15 Housto
New Directions ’14

All matter in the universe is composed of energy. We use merely a fraction of that stored energy. Imagine if you could see the energy stored in everything. What would something as simple as a railing along a footbridge look like?

In this silk digital print, I transformed a tranquil scene of a footbridge over a body of water into a portrayal of kinetic energy, using the magic of Photoshop.  The resulting image is machine quilted.

Detail Image – Click to view larger:


A Studio Emerges

I am back! It has been a whirlwind the past six weeks. I had no idea that moving into a second home would involve so much time consuming detail work. But! We are moved in and my studio is taking shape.

A pivotal moment was when the makings of a design wall were added to the space:


A few days later, I was given the ‘okay’ to begin moving in.


Next I focused on finishing my design  wall:


Finally, my new sewing table arrived for my big Bernina. It was custom built by a local woodcrafter and it is perfect.


The only thing left was to commence sewing!


I can’t say that was the easiest part. I thought I might just jump into the art quilt of an Irish cottage that I was starting last fall. But, I quickly realized that re-emerging was going to be a longer process. Fortunately, moving my studio cross country meant looking at all the miscellaneous stuff I had accumulated over the years. I found a group of blocks that just begged using. So, I am starting off simple – designing a lap quilt.

It feels great to be back behind my machine and to be posting again.

Posting once again to Nina-Marie’s Off the Wall Friday.